What are the steps to activate and renew Norton antivirus?

Steps to Activate and Renew Norton Antivirus

With the availability of a wide range of virus, threats and malware products, there also been developed to protect the smart devices from them which is called antivirus product. Whenever it comes to antivirus product, for most of the people that come to their mind is Norton Internet security. Since it has the top wonderful features, there are millions of user around the globe prefers this product to safeguard their device from the threats. Many users all around the world use this software, but there are some even if they install it they don’t know how to activate it.Renew Norton antivirus For the ease of those people, here are the steps that may help them a bit to activate antivirus product.

Steps to activate Norton antivirus

  1. First thing you need to do is, switch on your PC or other smart devices, and make sure the device is connected to the internet
  2. Then launch Norton application and go to its main window
  3. Once the window is opened, then press “Help”
  4. Once you press it, help centre window will open
  5. There press on Account information
  6. Next click enter a product key
  7. Now you need to enter your product key and click next
  8. Note: You can find your product key in Norton account, Check confirmation email or it can also be found in the product CD or retailer card. In case if you need this, connect with experts
  9. Further messages will be displayed; you need to follow those on-screen prompts to complete the activation process
  10. After its been completed press next

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can understand how to activate the Norton antivirus products. In case if you have meat any trouble in the activation process, it is better to ask for help from the service provider.

Here is the case if the user has already been using Norton antivirus product but needs help in renewing the process, the solution is given below.

Steps to renew Norton antivirus

  1. Turn on your PC and make sure that your device has been connected to the internet
  2. Open your PC Norton antivirus software application
  3. Once you open it, go to the “Subscription Status” and then the user needs to click renew
  4. New tab will be displayed; there you will find an option as Renew my subscription
  5. Following the displaying messages, a user need to follow on-screen prompts, to complete the renewal process of Norton antivirus
  6. Once you complete the renewal process, close web browser now
  7. In the renewal window, follow on-screen prompts and complete the process
  8. If you want to update the latest version of Norton antivirus product, you just need to press run live update.Renew Norton antivirus

Follow the above steps and complete process. In case of emergency, call the technical support team to ask for help.

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