Norton not Connecting to Update Server?

Norton is the best option to secure your home as well as professional devices. It generates a protective shield on your device and prevents you from every malicious threat. The antivirus connects with web servers and entities in order to perform the security task. But at some unfortunate moments, the antivirus failed to connect with the servers which affect the performance of antivirus on your device.

In order to get the best out of your Norton antivirus tool, you need to resolve the connection error. This is how you can do the effective:

Live update connection issues:

The live update feature keeps adding the new files to your Norton antivirus automatically. If you are getting the message that the “application cannot connect the LiveUpdate”, you can go to official Symantec website. Now, restart your device and try to connect with the site again. Launch the product and try clicking on “LiveUpdate” again.

Now go to “Tasks” option of the Norton antivirus and hit “Run LiveUpdate”. Now let the “Your Norton product has the latest protection updates”.

Unable to open secure sites:

The upgraded version of Your Norton antivirus may not let you access the secure site, whether you’re using Norton Internet Security or Norton 360. The sites containing “https” in the URL, cannot be opened with the upgraded patch of Norton antivirus. The secured sites encrypt the information stored on them. If you want to resolve this issues and access the secure sites, you need to run the LiveUpdate on your Norton antivirus. Open “Tasks”, then “Run LiveUpdate” and “Ok” once you find the “Your Norton Product Now Has the latest Protection Updates”.

Email Server Connection issues:

Sometimes the Norton products interfere with your email client and prevent you sending the mail which as attachment bigger than ISP permits. Sometimes your Internet service provider doesn’t let you send the email which it thinks contain any spam content. You may get the message “Your email was unable to send because the connection to mail server was interrupted” on your screen. Also, make sure the email address you entered exits and perform a spellcheck to be sure. In order to resolve this issue, scan your device using Norton and once done, run a LiveUpdate on Norton. It the issues still presumes, you can contact the ISP for detailed help.

Destroy the Error Message:

The Norton’s email protection features are quite potent and often show email failure if your ISP rejects an email due to security reasons. However, you can turn off the email protection in your Norton antivirus. Go to the “Settings>>Network>>Message Protection” Or Go to “Antivirus>>Configure>>Settings>>What to Scan>>uncheck the “Scan Outgoing Email Messages”. After that, click on “Apply” and “Permanently” on the Security Request WindowClick OK thrice and close all the opened windows. Even after disabling the email protection feature, it scans the incoming email but doesn’t track the emails you send to others.

However the methods vary for a different version of Norton antivirus, but one solution remains constant throughout and i.e. calling Norton Contact Number. The experts will resolve the connectivity issues with Norton by diagnosing the exact cause of the error. Reach Norton Help Desk via toll-free numbers, email or online chat to get the instant support for your Norton product errors.

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