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The Norton security gives the Norton 360 for the many easy to connect.  In a simple solution, you can get the comprehensive protection that is made to secure your favourite devices PCS, macs, smart phones, and tablets so you can be safe and whoever you want to connect.

With the proactive web protection, a mobile device can be tracked, advanced privacy technology and it has more solutions to keep you and your device safe. Norton security device can become in 3 varieties of editions. They are

Standard – protection for 1 device.

Deluxe – protection for 5 devices.

Premium – protection for 10 devices.

Norton key features and benefits

Norton security premium can provide all the Norton Help security and it can backs up the personal files .photos, videos and other memories on your PC.there is a solution to protect your devices. It can provide the protection against the viruses, spyware, malware and the other online attacks.  It can also maintain your privacy.

There is no matter what are the devices you are using. You have to avoid unsafe websites and suspicious downloads. Lets you have to move for the protection from one device to another. So you can add more protection as you can get more devices. You can easily locate the lost or stolen the smart phones and the tablets.

Non security features protection for windows based computers

Insight: you have to identify the files and the applications that are safe or dangerous by using the combined feedback of more than 175 million Norton 360 users to identify the incoming threats and proactively over them.

SONAR behavioural protection: It can detect the signs that have a file it is dangerous to protect you from the new threats.

Safe Web for Facebook: it can also scan your Facebook wall and the newest feed for the links to unsafe the sites.

Always up to date: it can be automatically downloaded and install the important or feature updates when you are not using your computer.

Download insight: it can prevent you from the downloading files from the websites. And that have a low reputation score within the Norton 360 user community.

Insight and optimized file copy: It can speeds up the scan times by identifying safe files and it can only scan the unknown files.

Norton community watch: you can collect the information volunteered by millions of   Norton users to spot the new threats faster and to identify the safe files and provide it stronger and more efficient protection.

Spam blocking: it can keep your mailbox free from your mailbox of unwanted, dangerous and fraudulent e-mails that can steal your identity.

Identity safe: it can remember, secures and automatically enters your name and passwords so they cannot be lost or stolen.

Norton safe web: It can alert you to unsafe the websites before you can visit them.

Internet protection system: The scours websites and the social networking sites for links and the content to identify the latest social networking scams.

Small two-way firewall: It can prevent the strangers from accessing your home network by blocking the determined to be unsafe.

Automatic back up: you can automatically back up 25 GB of photos, movies and the files you can choose from the PC to the Symantec secured online storage. Back up feature is available only in the Norton Support security premium.

Protection for your Mac

In the essential online protection that helps you to keep you’re safe from viruses, spyware, and the other threats even if they come from the PCs without slowing down. Norton 360 The vulnerability can update and defends against the threats.