How to Remove Error 8504 104 While Installing Norton Antivirus

Error 8504,104: Norton has been a remarkable antivirus for many years now. It has made lives of many computer users easier in terms of doing safe online transactions and communication. While it only takes a few minutes to download Norton antivirus from, sometimes there may be some errors encountered. In this blog, we are going to discuss one such installation error – Error 8504 104.


The Error 8504 104 occurs if another security product is present on the PC or the installation of Norton setup fails when it is being upgraded to a newer version. Below are a few steps you can try, to resolve the Error 8504 104.

Fix 1. Run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

  1. If your PC already has Norton Family installed, uninstall it before running the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Now, download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  2. Save the downloaded file to Desktop so that it is readily accessible. Double-click the downloaded file. A license agreement window will open, on which you have to click Agree.
  3. Now, click Advanced Options, and then click Remove Only. After that, click Remove.
  4. Now, click Restart Now. Your PC will restart.
  5. After the restart, follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall Norton antivirus.

If the method stands useful and you can see your Norton account details successfully, you are sorted. However, skip to the next method if this didn’t work.

Fix 2. Uninstall any non-Symantec security product from your PC.

  1. Hold the Windows key and press R. A search box will appear.
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl” (without quotes), and then press Enter.
  3. A list of currently installed programs will appear. In the list, locate the non-Symantec security product. Right-click on it and select Uninstall or Remove.
  4. Now, follow the on-screen prompts for the uninstall process.
  5. After uninstalling, restart your PC.
  6. Upon restarting, try reinstalling your Norton antivirus.

The above two methods should surely help you resolve the issue. However, if none of the methods worked, it is recommended that you contact Norton support where the professionals will take a closer look at your issue.

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