How to Reinstall Antivirus on your Computer?

If you are looking an antivirus technical support to uninstall or reinstall an antivirus program on your computer, you can easily do it by getting in touch with the antivirus customer support of your service provider or referring to your provider’s official website and look it up in the support section. You can also refer to an expert technician and get the task done by them. Alternatively, we can help you do it yourself. Just refer to the simple steps mentioned herein for some of the leading antivirus providers.

Norton Antivirus

To uninstall or reinstall Norton antivirus on your computer, you can do it easily by using the Norton Remove and Uninstall tool. No need to get in touch with the Norton Support team.

  1. Download the Norton Remove and Uninstall tool from the company’s website
  2. Run the application on your computer
  3. Read the license agreement carefully, and then proceed
  4. Click on the Remove and Reinstall button
  5. Follow the instruction on screen and you’ll be able to uninstall & reinstall the program with ease


Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky doesn’t provide a specific tool for this task like Norton, but you can still reinstall it easily. Visit the Kaspersky Support page on the company’s official website and look up for the installer program.

  1. Remove the current software from your computer & reboot your device
  2. Visit the company’s website & download the installer program
  3. Run the installation & follow the on screen instructions to re-install Kaspersky
  4. Once done, reboot your computer and verify your installation


AVG Antivirus

By reinstalling your AVG product, you can successfully remove and replace all of its software, its components, and saved settings. This method can help you in solving outstanding issues with your AVG program that may have been caused by some incorrect configurations or improper installation or corrupted files.

  1. Remove and uninstall AVG from your machine by using the Uninstall a Program function from the control panel. You can also use the dedicated AVG Remover Tool provided by the company to make this task easy. Get the tool from the AVG Support webpage
  2. Visit the website and download the installation program to re-install AVG on your computer
  3. Run the program and follow the steps to install
  4. Reboot your device to apply the changes and verify your installation for issues previously faced

If you are looking for antivirus support for some other brand, simply refer to their official support websites and look for support in the FAQs section or search the forum with your question and you’ll find instant support.

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