How to Fix “Cortana can’t hear me” Error on PC or XBox One?

As we know that, Cortana is smart software of Microsoft and most of the people are using it on various devices. It comes for both PC and XBox One system. It is providing different types of necessary voice comments, and you can use these to organize your Windows 10 PC and XBox. You will need a Headset or Kinect to communicate with it because it works over voice. Sometimes, it is also possible that Cortana is not able to hear you. You can face it because of incorrect settings of hardware or some settings just flipped the microphone off. If you are using the Kintec, then it can be more irritating.

This post will help you to fix your issue: Cortana can’t hear you on your PC or XBox One. So now without wasting your time, we will come to the point and discuss the troubleshooting steps.

What to do if “Cortana can’t hear you on Windows 10 PC?

You need to confirm that you have correctly enabled and configured your Cortana. If all is fine then, it is possible that the issue is with your Microphone. If you are using an external microphone then you need to recheck if your microphone is plugged into the right port. To start the process, you should type setup a microphone in the Cortana box.

Windows is offering privacy settings for the microphone. So it is possible that you can face this issue after an update, but you can check this on the Privacy settings and then give the permission to switch-on the microphone. You can also check the hardware settings to solve this issue.

If you are not using the microphone, then move to the taskbar and go to search box then type Manage audio devices and then select the result option. Then go to the recordings tab of the box.

  • Cortana is supported for all of the markets and languages.
  • Then follow the given path: Settings > System > Cortana Settings.
  • Here, if you find any language warning, then you need to change the language setting to English US.
  • After following the privacy settings from Cortona, you can check that your Microphone is on.

Steps to apply if you are using a headset with Cortana:- 

Now, most of the people are using Kinect but games are not able to use it. So, to check your headset doing work correctly, you can use the below-given steps.

  • You can use the party chat alone to check your headset is proper. If you get some warning here that means something is wrong or not fine.
  • You should check your mute button if it on or on, sometimes it can be mistakenly turned off.
  • The controller may be required for an XBox One stereo headset to attach their headset.
  • You have to make sure that your headset is connected with multiple devices or single, if it is combined with, then please attach it with a single device.

How to fix Kinect for Cortana hearing issues?

If the Kinect is connected with your XBox One than it can also create the hearing issue. So you can use the below-given steps to resolve these issues.

  • You need to press the XBox button to open the guide > Settings > All Settings > Kinect and devices.
  • Then, you need to select the Kinect and then check if it’s on or not, if it is on then fine otherwise you need to turn it on immediately.

We hope that after reading this post, you will able to resolve the Cortana hearing issue with your PC or XBox One.

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