How do I fix internet issues on Norton Antivirus?

Internet issues on Norton AntivirusInternet Issues On Norton AntivirusAbout Norton Antivirus:

Norton Antivirus is features designed to help protect your computers by means of its firewall and other features. Especially it will protect the system from virus, and malware. By following its features it will secure your network and data thoroughly. We advise you to not uninstall this fortified antivirus in case of the internet disconnection instead try out some changes in the Settings.

Various reasons for internet issue on Norton Antivirus:

Almost Norton Support users have specifically highlighted the internet connection issues. And after the installation of Norton antivirus only the internet connection problem has been started. But the antivirus software is not only the objective of the internet connection issue.

It may of various purpose and can occur even due to a temporary problem from your service provider or a problem in your computer by means of the firewall which is provided on the connection likewise many problems have been there. Internet issues on Norton Antivirus So in this situation, we need to carry out proper fixation methodology. That is,

Since the firewall is the only bridge which will act between your computer and the Internet. The purpose of this firewall is to safeguard your computer device by avoiding any type of by potentially harmful malware, applications and other threats originating from outside your network. Besides, it has most significant work that is it will have control over the programs and application which is needed to access the internet.

How to fix internet issue on Norton Antivirus:

Here we have mentioned the steps to fix the internet issue on Norton Antivirus,

Step 1:

If you required using any browser on your system means you need to alter its permission. Internet issues on Norton Antivirus . The method to allow the permission may change according to the various version of Norton but more or less its method is same alone.

Step 3: Step of Norton Internet Security and Personal Firewall

This step is more important that is the browser that you require to access internet on your computer must check in the Norton Internet Security or Personal Firewall.

Step 4:

After opening the Norton Internet Security or Personal Firewall go to the “Status & Settings” option which is located on the menu bar on the left of your screen.

Step 5:

Then hit on the Personal Firewall and then click the Configure button followed by that.

Step 4:

The option of Programs on the tab contains Program Control table is where you want to locate the browser which you want to make internet access.

Step 5:

Click on the Access column after adding the browser then make it as Allow All and finally click the OK button to save all the changes which have been made unless it will reset to normal form. Internet issues on Norton Antivirus

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