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People often think of Dropbox as a basic and simple cloud storage service. Many are unaware of the fact that Dropbox is capable of more than just storing and sharing files and folders. It comes with a number of features that you may not know. If you want to make the best out of Dropbox, then check out these tips and tricks.

1- Selective Sync

If you love to hoard documents and files in your Dropbox for the web, then you may want to get rid of some of the clutter on your system. If you are running low on hard disk space, then you can use Selective Sync to remove the files that are not needed from the system. These files will be present in the Dropbox website account, but they will get removed from your computer.

2- Easy File Sharing

Sharing files from the computer’s Dropbox folder is pretty easy. Just right-click on the document, and the context menu will offer a number of options such as Share, Copy Dropbox link, View Comments, etc. Select the Share option and then key in the email ID to which you want to send the document link. Or else, just select the option called “Copy Dropbox link,” and then you can share the link with anyone you want.

3- Dropbox for Gmail

Since you cannot send email attachments over 25MB, there’s a workaround for it. You can use Dropbox to integrate the attachment into an email. Just get the Dropbox for Gmail add-one. Now, while creating a message for anyone, you will be able to link the attachment saved in your Dropbox. Just click on the blue Dropbox avatar and select the file you want to send.

4- Screenshot Sharing

You can store the screenshots taken on your computer in your Dropbox account. Moreover, you can share these screenshots from your Mac or Windows computer. Just capture a screenshot and save it to the Dropbox. When you go to the Dropbox settings, you will find the option to share screenshots using Dropbox. Check the option and click on OK.

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